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GA International Inc. is a leading manufacturer of specialty labels and tags for industries including biotechnology, medicine, pharmaceutics, biobanking, construction, engineering, and more.
Since its establishment in 1999, GA International Inc. has been committed to the development of new and innovative materials and products. Using advanced technologies, we provide complete labeling and identification solutions including hardware & accessories, software, customization, as well as free consulting & technical support.
Our experienced R&D team of scientists is dedicated to testing and ensuring high-performance products for a wide range of applications.
Our passion is constant innovation.
Our mission is to deliver exceptional products unmatched in the industry

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At GA International we specialize in cryogenic laboratory supplies. Our vast collection of cryogenic and deep-freeze lab supplies includes an array of labels, tapes and printing solutions. We are a certified cryogenic label manufacturer. We manufacture xylene resistant labels for identification of microscope slides in histology, cytology, pathology and histopathology labs. Those labels are ideal for histological staining procedures and are resistant to toluene,  alcohol, ethanol, isopropanol, propanol, acetone, bleach, MEK, DMSO, ACN, MEK and other organic solvents and chemicals. If you’re looking for Cryogenic labels and Cryo-Tapes, GA International is the only place you can find every type of cryo label and cryogenic tape you need. We supply biotech and biopharmaceutical  companies and biomedical research labs around the world with lab supplies of cryo labels and deepfreeze labels for cryogenic storage and chemical resistant labels for pathology specimen identification in histology, pathology and cytology  labs. Our cryolabels are regularly used in cell banks, tissue banks, bio bank, cell repositories, biorepositories, cryorepositories, biobanks and seed banks. We provide customers based in USA, Canada and  internationally with Cryogenic labels, Cryo-Tapes, Cryo-Laminates and other Cryogenic supplies, printing solutions, permanent markers, alcohol-resistant markers and of course solvent resistant labels.

Here at GA International Inc., we are the premier location for various types of labels. We supply labels and lab supplies, tapes and printing solutions to locations all over North America, South America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and other locations worldwide. Our goal is to make your label printing and sample identification process reliable and easy by using our flexible label printing solutions including using our cryogenic label printing kits, our vast selection of labels, high performance software for sheet and roll labels and our technical expertise. We offer a complete selection of thermals transfer or barcode printers such brands as Zebra, Datamax, Citizen, Intermec just to mention few as well as barcode scanners and data collection devices such as Motorola, Symbol, Datalogic, Honeywell, ID Tech and others. We also provide thermal-transfer ribbons, cables, print heads and other accessories to barcode printers. Our highly qualified tech support provides label design solutions for clinical trials where specific layouts and complex templates are often required.  We carry Cryogenic, deep-freeze and autoclave labels for biomedical research and clinical laboratories. We provide cryo labels and tags that can withstand liquid nitrogen, deep freezing harsh environments, dry ice, boiling water and autoclaving. We provide liquid nitrogen labels and cryogenic labels for laser printers and for thermal-transfer printers which can be applied to cryovials, cryotubes,  microtubes , microcentrifuge tubes, microfuge tubes, eppendorf tubes, PCR tubes, cryoboxes, freezer boxes, cryogenic boxes, freezer racks, cryogenic racks, microarray plates, microtiter plates, cell culture plates, tissue culture plates, microscope slides, plastic bags, polyethylene bags, polypropylene bags, Ziploc bags, ziplok bags, ziplock bags, sample collection containers, vacutainer tubes, blood collection tubes, urine collection bottles, flasks and other laboratory plastics, plasticware and glassware for cryogenic storage and cryogenic preservation.

Some of the products you’ll find here at GA International Inc. are Cryogenic tapes, cryo markers, lab supplies, xylene resistant labels, cryogenic resistant labels and toluene resistant labels. We are able to produce custom made labels with very short lead times and ship them without a  delay on repeat orders. We are a leading specialty label manufacturer, call today to place your order.

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