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Labels for biomedical, biotech & biopharmaceutical laboratories

We manufacture specialty labels and tapes for biomedical, biotech and biopharmaceutical laboratories. We understand that laboratory labeling can often be challenging and time-consuming. At you will find tapes and labels that will save you time and make your long days in the lab a little shorter. Choose from our wide selection of cryo and deep-freeze labels for PCR tubes and frozen vials for -80°C and liquid nitrogen storage; xylene and solvent resistant labels for microscope slides and paraffin wax blocks used in histology; blood bag labels; autoclave resistant labels; piggyback and blackout labels, RFID labels and much more. All labels are available blank or pre-printed, are writable and 1D or 2D barcode compatible.



Labels for biomedical, nursing and pharmacy departments

Healthcare is a quickly evolving field, with continual advancements in medical equipment, pharmaceutical treatments and patient treatment methods. Throughout all of this, however, one thing remains integral to providing the appropriate care to patients: proper identification. To this end, GA International provides a host of labels to help communicate everything from patient information to safety warnings and important medical information. We provide label solutions that will help save time, reduce errors and improve productivity, all while improving patient safety. Our labels have also evolved with the industry, as we now provide labels with 1D and 2D barcodes (for more secure identification), ISBT-128 labels that can withstand harsh conditions including extreme temperatures and chemical exposure, and tamper-proof labels to ensure the security of your samples. We also have a new line of RFID labels that will further allow for fast and secure identification and localization of everything from patients to medication and equipment.



Labels for laboratory tests, patient data printing

We have a long-proven history in clinical trial labeling. We embrace the challenge of meeting demanding timelines for clinical trial labels and understand the need to comply with local language labeling requirements, label performance, ease of use, specialized labeling (cryogenic labels, wrap-around labels, piggyback labels, xylene-resistant labels, syringe labels, tamper-evident labels, histology labels, autoclave-resistant labels, etc.) and of course ensuring the accuracy of information that goes into the sampling of patients.

Regardless of your specific needs, we have the expertise, experience and know-how to help you chose and design any labels. Our tech support team consists of highly trained professional scientists holding B.Scs, M.Scs and Ph.Ds with post-doctoral trainings in molecular and cellular biology, pharmacology and biochemistry, with in-depth knowledge of identification technologies and barcode printing. We provide custom manufacturing, packaging and shipping to almost any country and location world-wide.

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